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In addition, they are looking strategically at what we have to offer. The CP Railroad may need to have a freight terminal facility in our region to handle new frieght business.  We showed them what we have in the way of infrastructure here, focusing largely on what has been built at the airport, both on the air side as well as runway expansion, and including what UPS has done related to its expansion. Furthermore, we discussed the economic advantages of the public-private partnership of the Rockford Global Trade Park. In relation to the TIGER Grant, we stressed the economic development progress made at the airport due to our investments and stressed that the next logical business cluster development would be rail freight. We stated the return on our investment could be as high as 4:1, as freight investment infrastructure would generate economic recovery and new jobs, which is what the TIGER Grant is all about.

Ultimately we received a letter of support for our TIGER Grant Application from the Canadian Pacific Railway, so our initial meeting with the CP turned out to be extremely productive as well as beneficial.

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