Below is an introductory group of maps designed to familiarize you with the maps that are proposed to be in the upcoming update of the R1PC MPO (formerly RMAP) Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). A small number of maps that were in previous incarnations of the LRTP do not appear in this packet due to time constraints, though they will be updated and in the final version. Though the formatting on some of the included maps is not fully completed, any input regarding them would be particularly helpful. In addition, if you feel that an existing map would benefit from a dataset that it does not list, or if you feel there is an entire map that should be added to the document, please mention those. MPO staff will attempt to incorporate your comments into the final LRTP product. A comment sheet has been included for your convenience.

Please feel free to comment on any and all maps. If your comments are in regard to a specific map, please note the file name on the “comments on” line. If they are in regard to a general suggestion, please note that as well. If you have more comments than space allows, feel free to duplicate the second page of the form as much as needed. If you wish to complete the comments form electronically and send it by email, you may send the file to; if you wish to print the form and send it via fax, the number is 815-967-6913; if you wish to mail the form, send it to:

Jon Paul Diipla
313 N. Main Street
Rockford, IL 61101

For any questions regarding the maps, the comments form, or the LRTP update in general, please contact MPO staff by calling 815-964-RMAP.

Thank you for your time and assistance,
MPO Staff

Rockford Metropolitan Agency For Planning