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June 2009 RMAP Blog – Entry 3

Tuesday, June 9th:

The Executive Committee of the Northern Illinois Commuter Transportation Initiative (NICTI) met today to continue discussions on operating structure for future commuter train service to Chicagoland.  The discussions were based on previous NICTI action to select the Locally Preferred Alternative route. The committee preference for an operating structure was a mass transit district organized under the Mass Transit District Act of Illinois. This could possibly lead to an expansion of the role of the Rockford Mass Transit District or could eventually lead to a new transit district. I will be sure to update you on this exciting development as more information becomes available.

To view the Mass Transit District Act of Illinois, please click here.

Later that day, Belvidere Mayor Fred Brereton and I attended a webinar regarding Transportation Investments Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Stimulus funds, which is a discretionary pool of $1.5 billion dollars nationwide, with each state’s funding capped at $300 million. The funding guidelines are quite broad, but the Secretary of Transportation has considerable latitude to select projects that will generate economic recovery in the Unites States.

RMAP is currently developing the project scope that we would like to submit for the region, which will most likely include a passenger rail component, a freight rail consolidation component, and a freight rail infrastructure upgrade component that can be tied to job growth, economic development and significant capital investment. Applications for TIGER grants are due September 15th.

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