This page is the home of the RMAP Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan. At this time, some informational material is available below.

Bike Share Feasibility Study for the City of Rockford, Spring 2016

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On behalf of the City of Rockford, the Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning (RMAP) has completed research necessary to determine the feasibility of a Bike Share Program for Rockford. The Bike Share Feasibility Study outlines the recommended approach and necessary next steps that would be needed to implement a successful and sustainable Bike Share program. The 2016 Rockford Bike Share Feasibility Study includes background information such as the purpose and benefits of implementing a bike share program, relevant case studies to help planners and elected officials make better decisions, and examples of successful business models. As part of the feasibility study a detailed analysis of geography, demographic characteristics, existing bicycle infrastructure and planning area analysis was conducted. An online survey was developed from which data was analyzed in detail to aid in the final recommendations of the study. “The feasibility study is the initial step in the advancement of a bike share program” stated Todd Cagnoni, Director of Economic Development Department “the work completed by RMAP and the next steps they have identified within the study will be critical to advancing a successful program” Cagnoni concludes.

The Rockford Bike Share Feasibility Study is not to be confused with the RMAP Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, a federally required regional planning document for all Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO), which is currently being updated by RMAP and is expected to be complete in 2017. The Rockford Bike Share Feasibility Study will however play a part in the update to the RMAP Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

Survey Results for Pedestrians and Cyclists

The input received from the RMAP Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Survey is critical in developing and forming a plan that addresses the needs of pedestrians and cyclists all throughout the metropolitan area. The survey was open to the public from May to July 2016. RMAP received 120 completed and 39 partially completed survey responses. Collected data was analyzed in detail and the results will be used throughout the update of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

The Rockford Metropolitan Area Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan Survey results can be found here.

RMAP Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update

The Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning (RMAP) has begun updating the Rockford Metropolitan Area Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan. The Plan is scheduled to be completed in 2017 and was last updated and adopted in 2008.

The purpose of the plan is to provide a regional vision for a comprehensive infrastructure system that will support and encourage walking and bicycling throughout the Rockford Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). The plan will provide a framework for improving connectivity, safety, convenience, and attractiveness of bicycle and pedestrian networks. The public is invited to contribute their opinions on current and future pedestrian and bicycle facilities within the Rockford MPA at any time. However, it is strongly encouraged to provide input during the development phase of the plan update.

Local, state and federal governments have the responsibility for constructing, operating and maintaining most of the transportation systems in the Rockford Metropolitan Planning Area. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan will align with RMAP’s Transportation for Tomorrow (2040): A Long Range Transportation Plan for the Rockford Region (LRTP). The LRTP was developed in the interest of promoting, developing and maintaining a safe and efficient transportation system that will meet the needs of the area’s citizens, businesses and industries while minimizing the costs and impacts to the taxpayer, society and the environment through the Year 2040. Providing for pedestrian and bicycle systems is an important part of the transportation planning process.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan addresses the development of a region-wide system of on-street bicycle and pedestrian facilities to connect with existing shared use path facilities, existing and planned public transportation services and provide model development of regulations and ordinances to promote and encourage bicycle and pedestrian friendly growth in the RMAP area.

Public Engagement

The RMAP Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Facebook page can be used as a source of information regarding project status, upcoming events and general information. In addition to the Facebook page, news on the update process can be found on the RMAP Website.

RMAP has successfully hosted three public open house meetings to collect initial data in the form of public input and ideas. These meetings took place on June 1st, 8th, and 9th, and held respectively at the Regional Center for Planning & Design, Belvidere City Hall, and Loves Park City Hall.

Additionally, the RMAP Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) has convened. The BPAC is comprised of representatives of health departments, public transportation, community advisory groups, park districts, bicycle organizations, running clubs and other stakeholders. The BPAC is providing input and recommendations for planning elements as part of our update of the RMAP Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

There will be additional opportunities in both 2016 and 2017 for public input and involvement with the RMAP Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan update process. Please visit the RMAP Website and RMAP Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Facebook page for current status and upcoming events.

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