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Important Announcements

The draft version of the 2015 RMAP UWP is now available for comment by clicking here. To submit a comment, please contact Gary McIntyre. The UWP is scheduled to be adopted at the May 29th, 2014 meeting of the Policy Committee.

The Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning (RMAP) and the City of Rockford are soliciting a written proposal from qualified firms to perform urban design, planning and related technical services. The primary intent is to provide “on-call” consulting services. During the contract term, the consultant(s) may be asked to respond to individual project assignments to perform certain services described in RFP Section 2. For each project, the consultant(s) will be asked to indicate: 1) their availability to perform the specific assignment, 2) proposed fee based on the amount of time anticipated to complete the work, 3) materials and equipment cost by unit, and 4) related subcontractor fees at hourly rates and unit costs.

The first assignment by the consultant(s) is developing a Downtown Comprehensive Development Strategy.

The City of Rockford with a population of over 150,000 is located in northwest Illinois (90 miles northwest of Chicago, IL and 70 miles south of Madison, WI). The City of Rockford (City) is experiencing significant public and private investment in downtown and anchor employment hubs and commercial corridors. Our primary arterial corridors are either in visioning, design, engineering, construction or recently completed. These transformational plans include:
• Phase 1 Riverwalk system;
• West State Street (U.S. 20);
• South Main Street (IL2);
• North Main Street (IL 2);
• Kishwaukee Street (IL 251);
• Morgan Street Bridge (crossing the Rock River).

Currently, the City is launching an update to their 2020 Comprehensive Plan and implementing a planning subarea strategy to maximize design, infrastructure planning and economic development for residents, businesses and community stakeholders.

Implementation planning is essential for the City of Rockford to move forward with current and planned public and private development projects. The implementation plan will become the City’s work plan for informing budget priorities for transformational investment and development. Desired outcomes of the Development Strategy include, but not limited to:
• A build-out analysis identifying potential development scenarios for downtown land uses and public infrastructure (i.e., complete streets, parks and open space)
• A set of recommendations and implementation steps for plan/development prioritization (immediate, medium and long-term)
• A methodology and framework to track and report progress (i.e., metrics and indicators) to the community
• Economic Model to finance near, medium and long-term projects

The complete RFQ for On-Call Planning, Design and Technical Consultant Services can be accessed here. Responses to the RFQ are due to RMAP no later than 11:00 a.m. on April 17th, 2014. If there are any questions, please contact either:

Stephen K. Ernst
Executive Director
Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning
Email Stephen Ernst


David Sidney
Manager of Comprehensive Planning & Design
City of Rockford
Email David Sidney

Registration for the RAEDC Go Global 2014 Conference is now available. For more information, view the flyer or the Go Global website.

RMAP has received a HUD Sustainable Communities Certificate, in commemoration of the progress and accomplishment of the Sustainable Communities Grant. To view the certificate, click here.

The final 2014 TIP is now available here. For any comments or questions regarding the TIP, contact Michael Hren, TIP Manager. The TIP is scheduled to be approved by the Policy Committee at their July 25th meeting.

The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority has released a number of fact sheets regarding improvements being undertaken on I-90, including a Corridor Overview, a Construction Traffic Flyer, an overview of the work being done on the Business 20/State Street Interchange, and a By the Numbers Overview. For more information, visit the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority’s website.

The final 2014 UWP is now available here. RMAP welcomes comments on the UWP; if you have comments or suggestions, contact Gary McIntyre.

The League of Illinois Bicyclists has released a new Rockford Area Bike Map. To view the map, click here.

Commonwealth Edision has released information regarding the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act. For an overview, click here. For details on Winnebago and Boone counties, click here.

An interactive map detailing the congestion levels of the arterial roads in the RMAP Region has been released. To view this map, click here.

RMAP has released a memorandum regarding the air quality in the region. To view the memorandum, click here.

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