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Today I attended a luncheon at the City Club in Chicago sponsored by the “Sandhouse Gang”, a discussion group that focuses on all things rail. This group is operated out of the Transportation Center at Northwestern University. The following excerpt from the website link above tells the story of how the Sandhouse Gang got its name, which is quite clever and a fun piece of rail history:

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At meeting, I had the pleasure of listening to a presentation given by Ray Lang, Amtrak’s Senior Director of State & Local Government Affairs. To read more about Ray, click here.

Subsequent to this luncheon, Ray followed up with me via e-mail clarifying some of Amtrak’s positions in relation to their new business model and how passenger trains in the U.S. fit into this plan. I fully intend to continue this dialogue with Ray in the future as it relates to passenger rail in the Rockford region.

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